Personal Project: LMinify, CSS and JavaScript Minifier

Recently at work we have been looking at ways of reducing file size of our HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. One such way for the last two is to minify them; that is to strip out the unneeded parts of them like comments, extra spacing, line breaks etc.

To my pleasant surprise I found there to be quite a lot of tools out there that do the job! As we develop in Java and I didn’t want to spend too long at work looking for a solution I decide to use a library called YUI Compressor; being all written in Java all I had to do was write some code to apply to some of our generated files. I then later found out that this specific library isn’t being developed for any more which is a bit of a bummer (it seems to do a good job!).

After seeing the results I was left a little intrigued in how such a library works so decided to begin writing one myself!

So I did!

So I did! (Also anyone else love Dark IDE skins?)

So far it only works on CSS (files and text strings) but seems to shrink them quite well! I had already implemented a method for replacing calls to rgb(r, g, b) with their corresponding hex colour and hope to flesh the library out some more. I have yet to look at the source code of YUI Compressor and am sure when I do I will learn a thing or two about what to do in my library.

I’ve called it LMinify, it’s more of a pet project than a professional tool like some the programs I found (feel free to use it if you like though). I am hoping to keep it’s dependencies low (currently the only external Library in use is Junit for the tests!) and am also hoping making it will teach me a thing or two and maybe come in handy at work!

It can be found here:


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