Games using JavaFX

Early today I went to watch a talk on developing games using JavaFX at the JavaOne conference.

In the talk the speaker quickly demonstrated developing a game from scratch over 45 minutes. His example consisted of a simplified version of a duckhunt style of game, where one bird flew across the screen and you had to click on it to kill it and score.

Being written in JavaFX it seemed quite verbose, although it didn’t seem too much longer than what the same game would of been if written in the Slick or LWJGL libraries. Internally the structure seemed quite messy to my eyes but that may be because I am used to developing games using update() and render() functions that separate out drawing and updating game logic; as it is how I learnt to structure games using openGL.

Some of the features in JavaFX are very interesting for casual games and applications in general. For instance the effects you can apply to the various nodes seem very interesting, in his example the speaker applied a dimming effect to theĀ  background image he had and a blurred shadow on some trees that occupied the foreground. Animation and Transitions are also very interesting and remind me of using tweens within Flash.

Overall I thought it was a very interesting talk, although it didn’t really contain much that I hadn’t already read about. Also it seems that everyone at Oracle is really looking forward to lambdas!

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