An Android App: Word Wheel Helper/Solver


Well I did it! I optimised my Word Wheel Solver and turned it into a functional Android Application!


Pretty Spiffy eh?

That’s a screenshot from earlier tonight when I got it working.

Since then I recoded the way it searched for words so it now uses an ASyncTask object. This means that it doesn’t sit there and halt for a moment while doing it’s business.

Now I have the basic application working, and working well I’m looking into adding other features and polishing it up. I need a logo for it for one thing and as you saw in my previous blog post my pixel art skills using MS Paint aren’t the best…

I am quite impressed with it as it stands at the moment and will see about releasing it on the Google Play Store when I register as a developer on it and figure out how (any links/tutorials on how to get an app on the market would be nice).

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